HRLMP Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Who has a user account in HRLMP eLearning?

All HRLMP staff including students and residents.

2.  How do I access the new HHS eLearning site?

You can access the learning management system (LMS) through your HHS Citrix desktop or from any internet connection at:

3.  How do I log in to the new HHS myLearning?

From the HRLMP eLearning home page, click on the Log In at the top right of your screen.

HHS staff – enter your Citrix username and password (what you use to log into your HHS computer).  Select HHSC from the domain drop down menu

SJHH staff - enter your system username and password (what you use to log into your SJHH computer).  Select SJHH from the domain drop down menu

Students and Residents – enter your username (your full email address) and the system-generated password.  Select OTHER from the domain drop down menu.

4.  Where do I find my courses?

The full course catalogue can be found by clicking on the link ‘Course Catalogue’ at the top left of your screen.  Courses assigned to you are listed under ‘My Courses’.  To take the course, just click on the name of the course on the left hand side of the home page.

5. Where can I see the learning record for my assigned courses?

Once you are logged in, you will see your Progress Report which contains all assigned elearning modules, both completed and outstanding.  You can track your progress for each item by the symbol in the “status” column.

6. Who do I contact if I have questions about the LMS (e.g. if my learning records are missing)?

If you encounter any issues, or have questions, send an email to