This course provides an overview of project AMPLIFI for clinical staff (e.g. nurses, physicians, pharmacists) working in ED and inpatient areas. 

This course provides an overview of Project Amplifi for HIM staff.

In this virtual course, end-users will learn an entirely new way to schedule appointments in Epic using Book It. Watch the webinar and review the tip sheets and Powerpoint to better understand how to use Book It to schedule appointments faster, and to increase the efficiencies of your scheduling workflows. This course contains a proficiency assessment.
Durée: 01:00
In this course you will learn how to document case-specific results for surgical pathology, non-gynecological cytology, gynecologic cytology, bone marrow, and autopsy cases. You'll also learn how to order stains, document case QA and correlation, and view comprehensive lab information. This course will contain an in-class assessment. Log-in testing will be completed to confirm user’s security setup.