HITS Digital Health Frequently Asked Questions

Who has access to the HITS Digital Health LMS?

Anyone appointed to the following roles, as part of an organization’s participation in ClinicalConnect, has been set up with credentials to access the HITS Digital Health LMS. These ‘roles’ all involve an eLearning component which are completed using the LMS:

      • Local Registration Authorities
      • Sole Practitioners (Individual Physicians)
      • Privacy Contacts 
      • Privacy Auditors 

How do I access and log into the new HITS Digital Health LMS?

To log into the LMS, use your existing/supplied ClinicalConnect/Access Governance System (AGS) username and password.

Please note that ONE ID credentials cannot be used to access the LMS. Rather, by this point, you should have received a username (by phone) and a temporary password, including instructions to change that password to one of your choice (by email). It’s that username/password combination that you can use to access ClinicalConnect’s online ancillary systems, like the LMS and AGS.

Be sure to select PARTNERS as your domain when logging into the LMS. 

A tip sheet about how to log into the LMS is also available by clicking here or watch a video version by clicking here.

Sole Practitioners should also select PARTNERS as the domain when logging into the LMS, unless you’ve historically had access to ClinicalConnect under authority of Hamilton Health Sciences, in which case, select HHS as the Domain. 

If you are unsure of your login credentials: 

Once logged into the LMS, where do I find my courses?

Once you log in, your assigned course will be listed in the ‘Progress Report’ section. You can also find your courses listed in the ‘My Courses’ tab at the top of your screen. 

Who do I contact if I have questions regarding the HITS Digital Health LMS (e.g. if my course is missing)?

Any questions regarding your use of the LMS, or your eLearning requirements, should be emailed to training@clinicalconnect.ca.

How do I turn off the pop-up blocker in my web browser?

If the browser you are using to view the eLearning has a pop-up blocker enabled, the eLearning content may not display correctly. You will need to disable (turn off) any popup blockers  on your internet browser to allow the eLearning modules to play.  Please refer to your browser’s help function for information about how to turn off popup blockers. 

Here are some tips on disabling popups on common browsers:


  • If pop-ups are blocked within your browser, you will typically see a message at the bottom of the screen. Select the Options for this site button and then select the option 'Always allow'.


  • If pop-ups are blocked within your browser, you will typically see an icon to the right of your address bar at the top of the screen that shows the page is blocked. Click on the icon and then select the option 'Always allow pop-ups'.


  • If pop-ups are blocked within your browser, you will typically see a message across the top of the screen. Select the Options button and then select the option 'Allow pop-ups'.


  • If pop-ups are blocked within your browser, you will typically see a message on your screen. Go to Settings and then select Safari from the Settings list. Under the General heading disable  Block Pop-ups.